High Quality GERMAN-Made mixer attachments that fit most mixer or a stand alone hand base. You won’t find quality like this from any other mixer attachment. These attachments will work with KitchenAid, WonderMix, Bosch, Ankarsrum (DLX), and a stand alone unit or hand base. There is 4 different mixer attachments available: Meat Grinder, Grain/Seed Mill, Slicer Shredder, and Grain Flaker attachments.

Grain Mill Attachment

This grain mill allows you to turn grains & seeds into flours and cereals.

Meat Grinder Attachment

The best Meat Grinder mixer attachment on the market. We have many people who have complained about their China-made meat grinder not doing great with certain meats and they have loved using this meat grinder because it will grind all the meats they want to and so much more.

Slicer/Shredder attachment

This slicer Shredder food processor attachment gives you the power to slice, shred, and grate vegetables and cheeses. It comes with 3 blades (see image below): Universal Drum for grating, Coarse Drum for juliennes style grating, and the Slicing Drum.

Grain Flaker (Oat Roller) attachment

Simply pour your grains into the hopper and turn the mixer on. Within seconds, flaked grains will drop out of the bottom of the Flaker.