Family Grain Mill

User Manual Instructions:

Before using your appliance for the first time:
Grind approx. 50 g. / 2oz of cereal, do not use this flour.
Important: Do not leave the mill work turn idle. Always fill it with grain before switching on.

This can be milled:
Cereals: Wheat, spelt, unripe spelt grain, rye, barley, buckwheat, millet, rice, oats All dried herbs, spices and mushrooms Oil seeds: Linseed, sesame, poppy and soya.
Important: Grind oily seeds only at a medium setting.

Disassembly and assembly prodecure:
Take off the funnel (1), turn the lock ring (6) anticlockwise, take off the setting unit (7), take off the steel conical mill work (4 + 5) and the conveyer screw (3). Assembly in reverse sequence to the disassembly procedure.

Setting of the milling grade:
The milling grade is set with the setting unit (7):
finer = anticlockwise,
coarser = clockwise.
Important: Before and after use, always set on “coarse”.

Cleaning of the grain mill:
From time to time, or if the mill has not been used for some time, we recommend a thorough cleaning of the mill work.

After milling oil seeds (poppy seeds, linseeds, etc.), we recommend to mill some dry grain (some rice, for example), or to clean the grain mill as described below:

Clean the mill work with a dry brush or with a paint brush. The plastic parts of the grain mill attachment – except the setting unit – are dishwasher safe.

After cleaning has been clone, re-assemble the grain mill attachment as described.

Important: The 4-sided groove of the conveyor screw (2) should be free of all flour. If not, a fine milling adjustment is not possible!